Rules for Training Courses

1. Please no unattended children. While we love to include children in the training process, they must be accompanied by a non-training adult so as to not disrupt the rest of the class.

2. Dogs must be on a leash at all times unless instructed otherwise.

3.Do not feed your dog three hours prior to training.

4. NO screaming, hitting or abuse of any kind will be tolerated. If it is observed, you will immediately be withdrawn from the class with no refund. Remember good training involves teaching the dog how to earn a reward and not how to avoid physical punishment.

5. If your pet if dog or people aggressive he/she should not take this class. Excessively shy dogs are also not good candidates for the class. Both these categories of dogs should opt for private in-home training.

6. Please be on time.

7. Please pick up after your dog at all times.

8. Please do not allow your dog to play with others during the class time. There will be short play sessions at the end of the class for socialization.