1. BOARD & TRAIN/DAYCARE & TRAIN: If you’re busy and you simply do not have the time to train your dog, board/daycare and train is a good option. If you need some behavioral issues worked on in an expeditious manner, this option can help. It won’t correct aggression as this behavior simply won’t go away in a couple of weeks. This option of training does offer quite a bit of training in a short period of time.

2. BEHAVIORAL TRAINING WHILE BOARDING OR ATTENDING DAYCARE: This is a good option if your dog is going to be boarding or attending daycare regardless. The trainer can work with your dog on one or two specific behavioral issues such as controlled walking/leash pulling, refrain from jumping, coming when called, excessive barking to name a few.

3.PRIVATE TRAINING LESSONS: This method of training is one on one with owner, dog and trainer. Specific behavioral issues can be targeted or general overall obedience training that group classes would offer. This would allow for more individualized attention and faster training.